Please read carefully and fill in the necessary information


  • The completed application form must reach the GIBF Secretariat on or before Monday 3rd August, 2020. Please note that information received after this date may not be included in the official exhibitors’ directory.
  • No entry would be made in the exhibitors’ catalogue for any reservation not backed with payment before the closing date for booking.
  • Confirmed applications received with full payment on or before 30th April, 2020 will attract 10% discount on exhibition stand(s).
  • GIBF Secretariat shall not be held liable when an exhibitor fails to communicate its new address.
  • The registration fee does not include food and water for the exhibitors.
  • Each exhibitor shall only be allocated the number of stalls paid for.
  • Registration fee paid is not refundable and an exhibitor who books a stall(s) is liable to pay the amount before the application will be confirmed duly completed. An exhibitor who pays but fails to exhibit during the book fair cannot claim for the fees paid.
  • However, an exhibitor who sends the signed application form without payment can withdraw his / her registration in writing either a scanned official letter through email or a hard copy before the registration deadline. Oral communication shall not be accepted for the purpose of record keeping. Failure to do so, the exhibitor is liable for the payment of the said amount.
  • The GIBF Secretariat shall ensure the installing and designing of the stands; cleaning and guarding of the venue.
  • Any form of advertising shall only be permissible inside the stand(s). Advertising to third parties shall not be permissible.
  • Photographing and filming inside the book fair grounds shall in general be permissible.
  • The Ghana International Book Fair Secretariat shall exercise its domestic authority in the entire exhibition area for the setup, operation and dismantling period of the event. The Secretariat has the right to change the venue.

Upon submitting the form, further details will be sent instantly to the email provided, kindly ensure it is accurate